Securitas security New Delhi

On demand service

Securitas offers a range of services on a temporary basis, and this has increased following the two Revolutions in Egypt.

Securitas offers ad-hoc and special services, on short notice. These include, but are not limited to:

  • VIP Protection   
  • Closed Protection   
  • Airport Meet & Greet   
  • Escorting to/from high risk areas   
  • Evacuations of Personnel   
  • Other ad-hoc as per customer’s request


This service can be provided with or without a vehicle, and both the officer and the vehicle is unmarked, to avoid attracting any attention. We provide both English and non-English speaking officers,

The Escorting officers will be always under constant connection with our control room in order to keep updated with the current security situation such as demonstrations, road condition, traffic status …etc.

Conception & Recommendation in High Risk Areas

  • If the mission is in high risk areas, accordingly the service shall be in a low profile in order to distract the attention during our movements while in the city area or on route from destination to another.
  • Securitas also recommends using Sedan Vehicles during the mission in high risk areas, not 4x4 Vehicles, in order to distract the attention during the movements.  

Body guard Service

Requests for bodyguards have increased in line with the crime rate, and Securitas provides this per day, week or months, and we have bodyguards at different levels and categories, depending on the needs of the customers.

Mission Support

Securitas is increasingly supporting companies in missions; where security is needed for surveys or other functions in remote or high risk areas. We can provide vehicles, guards, Radios, other equipment and each Mission is unique, tailored to the specific needs of the customer.


  • Evacuation Plans tailored to the specific company and its employees    
  • Ad-Hoc evacuations; urgent requests for evacuations due to a sudden unrest
  • Evacuation by land, sea or air can be provided


  • Pre-risk assessment followed by recommendations   
  • Rental of physical equipment such as metal detector gates   
  • Bodyguards and other Manpower   
  • Vehicles to be used

Road Services   

  • Closed Protection officers to drive ahead of a convoy to scout the roads ahead of a shipment or other large convoy of vehicles  
  • Risk Assessments of certain areas and advice on routes






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