Securitas security guard Amsterdam

Diplomatic segment

Embassies and diplomatic offices can be high threat targets in the meantime in Egypt therefore, an integrated security solution with vigilant performance is needed to create a secure environment. Securitas is working with a large number of Embassies and other Diplomatic Missions and Organizations; delivering duties in non traditional ways.

We provide integrated solution which combines of canine service, security officers and system and this is one of the segments where Securitas is the preferred vendor in the market. The main risks are related to aggression that may escalate for the VISA Sections, but also risks of explosives and terrorism.

The main criteria for diplomatic segment solution

Providing specialized guards trained on Bomb Searching technique, Customer Service, Conflict Resolution, How to deal with angry persons, Detection of explosivesity officer, Patrolling, X-Ray capablities is a sufficient solution with the support of CCTV camera, Barriers, patrolling and explosive dogs to keep an open eye on risk. Also we provide you with ad-hoc and special services, on short notice that includes VIP Protection, Closed Protection and evacuation plan, etc

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