Securitas security guard

Retail segment

This is a growing segment, and Securitas is currently securing individual retail shops as well as malls, we are responsible for providing a sufficient asset protection solution for your retail to keep your business safe and profitable. Securitas provides customer service and attention to shoppers to enhance the shopping experience.The presence of our specialized security officers creates value in a retail environment as it is not just for security duties, but to give shoppers piece of mind and provide them assistance when necessary.

External and internal sources theft is the biggest risk, but the main challenge is the nature of the job, where the guards are standing in a static position for a large amount of their time.
Securitas prevents the ordinary security plan of standing in static position, which we solve by using rotation, patrolling and ensuring a variety of tasks. Our guard force is specialized and trained on customer service and search procedures to address your site needs and specific procedures.

Make the difference with us

By providing specialized guards trained on, Shoplifting Prevention, interacting with public, patrolling, English speaking, Customer Service, Conflict Resolution, How to deal with aggressive persons, and to be supported with CCTV Monitoring, patrolling and explosive dogs.

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