Vobis (PLC) – High tech security in Poland

Vobis (PLC) is the biggest specialistic retail sales network of digital equipment in Poland. The company offers customers the newest products and services of the well-known worldwide brands in the field of Advanced Information and Telecommunication Technologies, professional consulting and service.

By Vobis you can buy: notebooks, computers, printers, monitors, software or audiovisual equipment. Vobis is also concerned with designing, production, hardware sale under its own brand and above all, personal computers and computer accesorries.

The main target of Vobis is to  deliver  innovatory technological solutions, latest devices and specialized services accompanying customers in the following fields: work, education, communication and entertainment. It is the Polish market leader of  IT, making accessible the global technological innovations and complete information about their use.

The company was set up in 1992 and now Vobis owns about 200 showrooms localized all over the country (both own and partner establishments) and the e-shop. Sales network is handled by over 500 consultants.

“Vobis is the modern business , so selection of the company protecting both our assortment and our customers was obvious. Only Securitas came up to the challenge of setting up the monitoring network for all our premises preserving sensible price” - says Vobis Security Manager.

The synchronized system of detectors allows the best protection of the objects.

“The construction of  the alarm system for each structure was a challenge”- admits manager responsible for the contract of Securitas side. Each place needed individual approach and finding such a solution that will be not only effective but also fit well to the inner outfit and won’t be too expensive . The High-Tech Monitoring System provides analysis of raports, allowing to classification and presentation of the alarm events. Likewise, enables undertaking immediate repair steps in case of any irregularities in abiding by procedures. The solution proposed by Securitas is mainly to level up security of protected resources. As a result of all those benefits is reducing costs, being taken into consideration planning an annual budget.

Vobis worker states : ” For us each customer is important so that we will find a high tech product to come up to client’s expectations. We had expected the same approach from Securitas and were not disappointed. Unique monitoring system associated with the Central Monitoring Station allowed to obtaining extremely good effects in the field of security”.

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