National agreement keeps a world maritime transportation leader running smoothly

The A.P. Moller-Maersk Group is a powerhouse in a number of industries with a truly international presence. Maersk Line, for example, is one of the globe’s dominant shipping companies with a fleet of over 500 container vessels plying vast oceans and busy waterways, but the firm also has sizable operations in energy, supply chain, and retail. Based and originated in Denmark, the firm employs over 115,000 people in 130 countries.

For the last six years, Maersk Distribution Services, Inc a subsidiary that provides comprehensive solutions for the management of 3PL distribution had been using Securitas USA to provide contract security services at a number of their distribution and warehouse facilities.  Securitas’ role expanded in July of 2009, when parent Maersk, Inc. signed a national agreement with Securitas to expand services to additional business units in order to provide consistent, professional service across the board.  Approximately 185 officers are assigned to help protect office buildings, warehouses and trucking facilities across the country.

Duties and training vary depending on the location. At Maersk corporate locations in Madison, NJ and Charlotte NC, Securitas USA officers handle access control for visitors as well as the site’s 1,500 employees, monitor alarms systems and CCTV, mount patrols and keep watch over the parking lots and garages.  Similar duties are performed by officers assigned to the Customer Resource Center in Houston, TX and at other Maersk office locations.

Officers are on duty at Maersk Distribution Services warehouse locations on the East, Mid-west and West coasts. At many of these locations, officers perform key receiving and delivery procedures that facilitate the “cross dock” operations to ensure smooth flow of customer freight through their supply chains. In addition, Securitas USA officers are on duty at a dozen trucking facilities across the country, where specialized duties include inspecting containers for safety and security requirements, in addition to controlling receiving and delivery gate operations.

One Contract Equals Multiple Benefits

“We had a history with Securitas in our warehouse division, and there was a degree of satisfaction there,” says Andrew Papalia, Maersk Director of Corporate Security.

A review was conducted at other Maersk business units utilizing contract security guard services. The review revealed many different guard service providers, contract terms, and SOP’s with no ability to link a comprehensive and standardized function across these various locations. From the corporate security standpoint, I could see not only an economic advantage, but also the advantage of establishing that comprehensive and standardized function.

Another key selling point was the cutting edge resources such as Securitas’ online Performance Management Dashboard. The centralized database displays Maersk’s service delivery metrics, as well as other operational information, either across the account or at each Maersk facility. The dashboard also allows both Maersk and Securitas managers to post internal documents and to both enter and view Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to help ensure the account is on track at both a macro and micro level. 

“I envision utilizing the dashboard to post items such as training regimens, best practices, security assessments, and security alerts for regional or facility managers to access,” says Papalia. Papalia also appreciated Securitas’ ability to provide national coverage:

 “One of the parameters of the national contract was a vendor who could provide direct service without sub-contracts”. This is important because if there are sub-contractors, there might as well be individual vendors,” he notes.

“Securitas has an office in every location we looked at; if I needed a security vendor in Detroit, there was a Securitas office that could handle it directly.”

In addition, having a Securitas USA National Account Manager stationed at the New Jersey headquarters added value to the contract.

“My phone doesn’t ring,” notes Papalia. Securitas allowed my input into the account manager selection process, which gave us a reliable and knowledgeable manager whom I can depend on.  Papalia also praises the Securitas National Account Vice President who spent months working through the local issues and budgetary constraints with him to hammer out the contract: 

“He had the patience to work with me as we put this together and in the end provided Maersk with top notch service that is in line with the company’s watchful eye on their bottom line”.


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