Alert security for The Phone House shops in Belgium

With 84 shops distributed in all provinces, The Phone House is the largest independent retail chain in Belgium in the personal mobile telephone sector. The company is part of The Carphone Warehouse, a stock exchange-listed group present in ten countries with a combined total of more than 2,500 sales outlets.

The Belgian branch was established ten years ago and presents itself as an independent advisor in mobile telephony. As such, it represents all operators and quality brands present in Belgium, including all arrangements and all rates, at the best price.

The Phone House has 500 specialised employees in Belgium and booked a turnover of EUR 90 million in 2007 for its Belgian operations.

What is the difference between The Phone House and the other players in this very competitive market? We put this question to Antoine Neale, Property Manager, who has been with the group since its earliest days.

Antoine Neale:

“We aim to stand out by our clarity, advice and lack of bias. We have more than 60 different models of mobile phones available in our product range, depending on the type of user, which we offer with a warranty. For each customer, we always look for the mobile phone that best matches the personal needs of the customer at the best price. We also accept used mobile phones as trade-ins with the purchase of a new phone, here again at the best possible price. We recently launched our unique Lifeline guarantee, which provides everyone who is insured with us against defect or theft with a mobile phone that they can use free of charge while their own phone is being repaired.”

Do you sell only mobile telephone products?

“Mobile telephony is our core business, but we certainly want to expand our range of products. For example, we started selling laptops and Internet connections in June 2007. Our range of laptop products will increase in the future. Here again we will offer all the quality brands and provide the same advice and service as we do for mobile phones.”

You work with Securitas Alert Services for the security of your shops. When did this start?

“When we started the company, we called on Securitas Alert Services to provide security and guard services for all of our shops. Our sales outlets are under guard around the clock, and this has quite distinct benefits. This is not only with regard to security, because thanks to the sensors used for the security system we also know exactly when our shops open and close. We receive a detailed report on this every week, and we can then draw the necessary conclusions.”

Do you know whether any break-ins have already been prevented?

 “Absolutely. I don’t have any exact figures for this, but since all unusual behaviour is closely scrutinized in the Alert Services Alarm Receiving Center, action can be taken immediately. Alert Services also informs us immediately when an alarm is registered. As several types of sensors are installed in each shop, we can accurately reconstruct every attempt at a break-in. Without having exact figures available, we are certain that several break-in attempts have been limited to attempts thanks to effective registration and our follow-up actions. As soon as we are sure that a break-in is in progress, we go to the site as quickly as possible. The new legislation on guarding and security does not allow automatic notification of the police. We cannot get the police involved until we have determined that the incident is in fact a break-in.”

Are you satisfied with the cooperation?

 “We are very satisfied with the cooperation with Securitas Alert Services.”


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