"Beauty is nothing without security" – Sephora in France

Since its entry into the LVMH group in 1997, Sephora has become one of the top chains for the distribution of beauty products in Europe. It is considered to be the most innovative in the world, with its unique concept of space dedicated to beauty.

You will find the most varied of brands there: from the most classic to the most original, from the rarest to the best known. In France, Sephora has 210 shops, ideally placed in shopping centres or in town centres, so very popular. These are "sensitive" sites, which attract organised gangs. One example of security measures is that bags coated with aluminium are used for monitoring the check-out points at the exits from shops and cover up to 300 € of merchandise each time. 

There are qualified security agents in all of the shops, to facilitate comings and goings and, at the same time, prevent action by dishonest visitors. According to Michel Tranier, Sephora’s Security Manager Europe, these are proper "Security Men". They are there to welcome and reassure the customers; they also know how to hold a dialogue in the event of incivility; more particularly, they log movements in groups so as to intervene, should they catch thieves in the act. "

These agents are an integral part of the commercial team. However, we leave each shop to select its agents", continues Mr. Tranier.

All of the Sephora shops are also linked to Securitas Alert Services monitoring stations. Instructions, which have to be followed to the letter, in the event of an alarm going off, are established with each shop’s team.

"There is no problem with remote monitoring, when I call Securitas Alert Services, your services respond and the response is of a high quality. There is always an operator who meets my expectations. In the event of a major problem, the operators also know they have to contact me". Any failures to deactivate the security system when the shops are opened are systematically dealt with, as are failures to activate when they close, in accordance with the hours drawn up on each instruction sheet.

Until 2002, Sephora used to suffer quite considerable losses, amounting to 100 000 €! It was vital to adjust procedures, internally, with the Securitas Alert Services operators, the security agents and the patrols. The latter have been able to adapt very swiftly. Efforts have been made and matters have improved, and there is a much greater degree of professionalism on their side.

Nowadays, the management of Sephora is fully reassured by the resources brought into play for the security of its customers, commercial staff and its shops. With these, it notes a reduction in thefts, and most of the time any resumption consists of small, inconsequential attempts. We are planning to install video monitoring with Securitas Alert Services for an infallible, or almost infallible "call out"! This will mean that we are able to check what is going on inside a shop, even if there is no sign that might cause anyone to believe that there has been an intrusion or an attempt at theft  concludes Mr. Tranier.

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