Contributing to public safety

Kick-off to the holiday season is a festive and active time at Legacy Village, an upscale shopping, dining, and entertainment complex located in Lyndhurst, OH. There’s the lighting of a 40-foot Christmas tree, carolers, an appearance by Santa and a parade featuring a high school band, all covered by local television media.

It’s a busy time, but not the busiest time of the year at the complex, an open-air, lifestyle center located east of Cleveland.  A full schedule of activities, including concerts four times a week and a variety of festivals and special events, attracts even more people to Legacy Village during the summer months.

“It’s one of the area’s most popular gathering places,” says Trevor Trask, Securitas USA site manager.  “We’ve had 4.2 million vehicles here over the past 12 months, and there’s always a lot of pedestrian traffic.”

Trask and a team of five Securitas USA officers provide around-the-clock security services at the 67-acre property, a uniquely designed complex of 54 stores encompassing 600,000 square feet of retail space, several restaurants, a full-service spa, and parking spaces for 2,600 vehicles.  The team regularly patrols the streets and parking areas, monitors CCTV cameras and fire systems, and serves as liaison between the property manager, merchants, and the City of Lyndhurst Police Department. Additional duties include traffic control, parking enforcement, and first-responder assistance when needed.

“The Securitas USA team acts as public safety officers helping to maintain a friendly, welcoming environment, as well as a visible security presence,” says Marcie Gilmore, general manager of Legacy Village. “We consider public safety officers to be among the amenities we offer to the merchants and their patrons.”

Legacy Village, with its combination of exclusive boutiques, interesting restaurants and popular home furnishings and houseware retailers, is active at least 21 hours a day, beginning with Urban Active Fitness opening at 5 a.m. and ending when several night spots close at 2 a.m. Occasionally, crowd control becomes a major task, such as when several hundred people began lining up at 6 a.m. outside of the Apple store on the day the iPhone was launched.

Unique Patrols

Securitas USA officers use four means of patrolling Legacy Village public areas —in vehicles, on foot, on bicycles, and by zipping around on a Segway® Personal Transporter. “Using the Segway is a little tricky until you learn how to drive it, but it offers advantages of speed and maneuverability when patrolling pedestrian areas and responding to emergencies,” added Trask.

Officers receive special training in the use of the Segway and bicycles for security patrols, as well as in providing First Aid and AED assistance.

Securitas USA has provided contract security services at Legacy Village since 2004, and was retained when Bayer Properties, a Birmingham, AL-based developer of high-quality, open-air shopping centers, became property manager of the complex in early 2007.

“Securitas USA was very amenable to the changes Bayer Properties wanted to make, including moving to more of a ‘public safety’ approach to security,” says Gilmore.  “Trevor and his team are very responsive and service-oriented, and that supports the kind of safe, family-friendly environment we want to foster here.”


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