Extensive security system at Sogaris in France

Sogaris rents out logistics warehouses across France. Securitas oversees the security and fire safety measures in place at the Lyon-Mions platform.

The Mions platform spans an area of 32 hectares and has no perimeter fence. It experiences a high volume of traffic and is used to store a large quantity of goods.

"The challenge is therefore to ensure the security and fire safety of a site where it is difficult to distinguish authorized vehicles from non authorized vehicles, and to provide continuous fire surveillance over 116,000 m² of warehouses and offices," explains Olivier Renaud, Sogaris Technical and Security Director.

Rapid interventions

To enable it to respond quickly, Securitas has assigned a service vehicle to the site. The platform is connected to the Sogaris central security station at Rungis, which means that when requests for assistance come in, the security officers can get anywhere on the site and assess the situation 24 hours a day. The security officers provide general site surveillance using the video monitoring system installed at the security station. They also carry out patrols, during which they check that there are no heavy goods vehicles using the Sogaris site as a stop-over point. Lorries must obtain authorization in order to stop over at the site. If they don't have authorization, they are directed towards a secure car park close-by. This procedure helps to limit the amount of nighttime activity on the site and therefore makes it easier to identify any suspect activities.

A security link

The security officers also inspect the sprinklers and check that the alarms and equipments (fire hydrants, fire hoses, emergency exits and extinguishers) are working correctly. They then inform the relevant parties of any problems identified with the equipment. They also have a salt spreader to clear snow from the public road network and communal areas in case of bad weather.

"All of these elements enable us to provide our clients with safe and secure warehouse locations," explains Olivier Renaud.


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