Efficiency and environment

In addition to delivering security solutions, we develop specialized services that make customers more efficient in minimizing their environmental impact.

Services that decrease emissions and costs

One example in which our specialist services have made a difference is environmental solutions carried out by Security Services Europe, where we, while providing guarding services, also tend to energy-consuming equipment in our customers’ facilities (lighting, machinery, adjusting the temperature and air conditioning, etc). Our service saves energy, prolongs the lifespan of equipment, and decreases costs, as well as improving customers’ environmental performance. For example, customers can save up to 10 percent on energy for lighting by allowing us to manage their lighting systems. Securitas reviews the customer’s processes and infrastructure, sets up checklists and then directly reports on the savings generated by our environmental guarding.

Services that improves efficiency

Another example of a service that improves customers’ performance is that we can receive goods at night on behalf of our retail customers, directly handling the shipments when they arrive at stores. Having goods already loaded when opening makes the retail chain much more efficient and eliminates the additional cost of having staff present at night. The receiving of goods is also automatically secured by Securitas.

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