Rafael González del Pino

Picture of Rafael González del Pino, Scholar of 2013Location: Córdoba, Argentina
Years with Securitas:
- Planner 2010 - 2012
- Security Solutions Designer 2013 - Present
My current role: Develop specific security solutions including technology to each client.
Topic studied and where: I studied technology and Innovation such as electronic devices in security solutions, including mobile. Remote Video Solutions center in Malmö, Sweden 

Why did you apply for the scholarship?

It seemed like a good opportunity to get international experience and learn other ways to work and see the progress in terms of technology. When I applied for the scholarship, I thought it would be the first step in my professional development and to later be able to apply for a position abroad.

What did you learn/gain from the study visit?

What I appreciated most was to get to know and experience the Securitas’ world and to meet colleagues from across the world. I felt the power and the importance of the company as a global player and realized its magnitude.

It was also very good to hear and see other solutions to the same kind of customer cases as at home and it got me thinking completely different. The future of private security was discussed and it was inspiring that we all agreed that security solutions with integrated technology are the future.

A lesson learned involves sharing and discussing best practices with my colleagues abroad. I have got a lot of information and presentations on this subject and I think it will be useful to give my colleagues recommendations in this matter.

How will you share this knowledge/ experience within your organization?

First of all, I will make a presentation to my colleagues and describe what I have observed during my visit. Secondly, I will work together with the Vigilance Department and Systems Department, in order to develop and design security solutions to present to potential customers.

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