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Meeting Stakeholder Demands

Our stakeholders – from customers to suppliers and political decision-makers – impose major demands on our operations. We continuously work to better understand and meet these demands.

The demands imposed on Securitas by its stakeholders are rigorous and varied. Learn more about how we meet these demands below.

Our principal stakeholders


We must have an in-depth understanding of our customers' needs and industry-specific requirements, both to be able to provide optimal and cost-effective security solutions and to meet the customers' sustainability requirements as a supplier.

  • Actions: Regular customer meetings, customer surveys and regular contact with our customers' clients.

Employees and employee representatives

As a service company, our close to 330,000 employees are our most valuable asset and Securitas strives to be a reliable and attractive employer. Securitas values proactive relationships and a constructive dialog with UNI Global Union (UNI), the European Works Council (EWC) and local unions.

  • Actions: Solid recruitment and onboarding processes, training at all levels of the company, talent management, employee surveys and various reporting channels for reporting cases of non-compliance with the Code. Regular meetings with trade unions.

Shareholders, investors and analysts

We aim to create value for our shareholders and be viewed as an attractive investment. Engaging in an ongoing dialog with our shareholders and investors ensures the long-term development of our business.

  • Actions: Continuous financial information, investor and analyst meetings, capital market days, roadshows and conferences, and the Annual General Shareholders' Meeting.


We work to ensure that our suppliers understand the requirements set out in Securitas' Values and Ethics Code.

Industry organizations

We are a driving force in raising the standard and level of professionalism in the security industry. We aim to improve the status of security officers, raise wage levels and intensify skills development efforts.

  • Actions: Membership in local and global industry organizations, such as the Ligue Internationale de Societés de Surveillance and the American Society of Industrial Security (ASIS).


We provide security solutions for companies and communities, allowing them to grow and prosper. We also participate in local projects in regions where we see a pressing need to strengthen the local community.

  • Actions: Local activities and initiatives in communities where we operate, such as security training in schools.

Policy makers and authorities

We work proactively to improve conditions in the security industry.

  • Actions: Cooperation with authorities at the local and national level to improve the conditions in the security industry.

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