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Responsibility Generates Added Value

When it comes to assuming responsibility, Securitas follows three basic principles: our work is to be efficient, realistic and profitable. This enables us to generate the highest possible value for our stakeholders.

To work efficiently in a particular area, it is vital that we have ample opportunities to exert an influence. We must have control over how issues are to be managed and how work is to be performed.

One example is our efforts to minimize negative effects, such as reducing the level CO2 emissions from transportation. Another may involve creating value for our stakeholders through the further development of our services, for example, by hiring employees with disabilities.

Responsibility can be profitable

In many cases, profitability and responsibility go hand in hand. If, for example, we were to launch a service where security officers working at night help reduce the energy consumption of an office by turning off equipment that is not being used, customers would benefit in many ways. Not only would they save money, their environmental impact would also decrease. At the same time, this would be a profitable service for Securitas.

Securitas AB Sustainability Report 2015

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