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Security Training

Here are some responses to the most frequently asked questions about the security training at Securitas:

Do I need to have a basic security guard training in order to work at Securitas?

Yes, the security industry in Ireland is a regulated licensed industry and all static security guards and personnel carrying out security functions as stipulated by IS 999:2004 Guarding Security Services standard have to be qualified and licensed a minimum to the Basic Guarding Skills FETAC Level 4 Minor Award (L12407 or C10266) or Security Industry Awareness FETAC Level 4 Minor award (C10164) or equivalent and licensed by the Private Security Authority.

Where do I get my basic security guard training?

At Securitas Security Services Ireland, we provide the basic security guard training in-house as required to obtain a licence to work as a Static Security Guard within the Irish Security Industry. Onsite training is performed at the assignment in accordance with the site training needs along with any extra additional training requirements as agreed with the customer.

In some cases First aid, Fire Training, CPI, Lift release, Manual Handling, Safe PASS and IT/CCTV equipment training may also be a requirement. Some of these will be performed in-house, whilst others may be performed by a third party registered training organisation.

Training requirements and competency’s are measured on an ongoing basis by the Training Development & Standards Manager, the Operations Manager, The Site Manager and the Branch Manager for the officers on the various sites.

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