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Wage and Working Hours

Here are some responses to the most frequently asked questions about wage and working hours as guard at Securitas:

What do I get paid when working as a Security Guard?

Basic contractual hourly rates and conditions are are negotiable, these can also be governed also as per a Security Industry Employment Regulation Order (ERO) or a Registered Employment Agreement (REA) that may be in force at any given time.

All other terms and conditions are as per primary legislations in the Republic of Ireland.

    Do I get paid during the basic guard training?

    Yes, basic training both in the classroom and on site is paid at our training rate of pay rate applicable to you.

    What are the working hours working as a guard?

    Working hours are contract dependent, these are subjected to the upper limits of the Organisation of Working Time Act 1997, Shift durations depend on the contractual requirements of the site and as such can vary from one site to the next as the nature of security work means that the hours and shift slots will be variable and there is a need for full staff flexibility, in order to be able to work days, nights and weekends shifts

    Do I work alone as a guard or together with colleagues?

    This is location and customer contractually dependent wheather we have one or more security guards on a customers site, the service requirements of the customer can require for only one security officer or more as part of a team, larger sites may have more specific operational positions for each team member.

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