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Training and Development

Securitas Security Services Ireland believe it is imperative we understand the specific needs and objectives of our customers, it is our training of our officers that is at the core of this understanding.

Dedicated Training Manager

Securitas Security Services Ireland have appointed a full time Training Manager, Tony Harrison. Tony has been fully trained by the Security Institute of Ireland as a trainer. This role, which is FETAC certified, ensures that the training needs of Securitas, are met. Tony has put in place a 2 day induction course for new employees to the company that is in full compliance with the industry standard, IS999:2004. This ensures that all officers are trained to FETAC LEVEL 4 in compliance license requirements under the Private Security Services Act 2004.

Training Needs.

The need to improve competitiveness through increased efficiency; a higher quality of service and a correct first time approach to our customers has been developed mainly through our Human Resource Programme, of which training has played an integral part.  We have also recognised that the Basic Job Training programme for our Security Officers must not only be designed for the challenge of this decade but must also be geared to meet the overall changing requirements of the Irish Security Industry.

Training is delivered in a classroom environment and is very much interactive with power point presentations and role-play scenarios. Subjects covered on this course include:

Training does not end at week one, once the classroom is closed. Training and investment in people is a continuous process for Securitas Security Services Ireland.

To this end, our Training Manager also develops and carries out site-specific refresher courses. As your business needs change, our training programmes evolve in partnership with our customer’s requirements. Part of this training would also incorporate how to carry out a full Risk Assessment to identify risks and controls. First Aid training and Safe PASS training also sourced.

Securitas Security Services Ireland Ltd is in full compliance with both IS-999: 2004 (The Irish Standard for Guarding Security Services) and EN ISO9001 2008 (Quality Management system)..



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