Acquisition Log 2017


Company Business
segment (1)
share (2)
sales (3)
value (4)
Central Alarmas Adler, Mexico  Security Services North America  May 1  100  74  49
Other acquisitions and divestitures
(5) (6) 
 - -  143  136
Total acquisitions and divestitures Jan-June 2017
   217 185


1) Refers to business segment with main responsibility for the acquisition.
2) Refers to voting rights for acquisitions in the form of share purchase agreements. For asset deals no voting rights are stated.
3) Estimated annual sales.
4) Purchase price paid plus acquired net debt, but excluding any deferred considerations.
5) Related to other acquisitions and divestitures for the period and updated previous year acquisition calculations for the following entities: Diebold´s Electronic Security, North America, IBBC Poludnie, Poland, NorAlarm Industri, Norway, Turvatekijät (contract portfolio), Finland, HMF-Systems, Germany, ISS (contract portfolio), Ireland, Gooiland, the Netherlands, NoFire Safety, Austria, Sensormatic, Turkey, JC Ingeniería, Chile and Bren Security, Sri Lanka. Related also to deferred considerations paid in the Netherlands, Croatia, Turkey, China, South Korea and South Africa.
6) Deferred considerations have been recognized mainly based on an assessment of the future profitability development in the acquired entities for an agreed period. The net of new deferred considerations, payments made from previously recognized deferred considerations and revaluation of deferred considerations in the Group was MSEK -41. Total deferred considerations, short-term and long-term, in the Group’s balance sheet amount to MSEK 175.



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