Chemical & Pharmaceutical

The chemical and pharmaceutical industry in the UK is environmentally aware, efficient, innovative and highly specialised. In short, ideally equipped to meet the requirements of the times.

The same is expected of its service providers: continuity and sustainability in security management.  This is the reason why Securitas are the ideal partners.

Bio Pharmaceutical

This global bio-pharmaceutical company with its administrative headquarters in Hampshire, develops specialised medicines, therapies and treatments for rare diseases. Their goal is to enable people with life-altering conditions to lead better lives.

The customer's primary security threat was from travellers persistently entering the site and the associated link to crime from their presence, along with the threat of organised crime in the local area.

They were looking for a security provider who was proactive, possessed the knowledge and expertise, but more importantly, the right mind-set. 

Jules Amos, Associate Director, Corporate Security explained:

"Securitas offered us a tailored security solution that looks beyond the fenceline.  They stopped, listened, understood and then worked hard to get a good fit with us as a team."

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