Los Angeles

The management team in our Los Angeles operation is one of Securitas' largest and consistently successful in serving many small,medium and large clients in some 300 locations. Branch managers are assigned no more than 15 accounts each so they can stay close to their security officers and their clients.

Being closer to the client allows us to better understand their businesses in order to develop a customized security service platform that can best meet every executive's goal of either improving revenue, cutting costs or creating greater operational efficiencies that result in higher profit margins for our clients.


Address: 1055 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 1600
City, State, Zip: Los Angeles, CA 90017
Phone: 213.580.8825
Fax: 213.580.8849
Specialty: HIgh Rise Commercial Real Estate, Residential Communities, Temporary Services, Logistics, Retail


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