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Welcome to the Securitas USA Online Employment Application

If you previously applied to Securitas USA you must wait 60 days to reapply.


To apply for a position with Securitas USA you will be asked to provide the following information:

  • Your Social Security Number
  • Address history for the past seven years
  • Details about your education
  • Employment history for the past seven years, including addresses and telephone numbers

If you do not have this information with you at this time, please exit now and return when you do.

Click here if you are ready to begin your application to Securitas USA

Securitas Critical Infrastructure Services (SCIS) is an affiliate of Securitas USA that provides security personnel in the Aerospace/Defense, Energy, and Petrochemical industries. These industries are highly regulated and require specialized personnel who must pass government/extensive background requirements. If you are responding to an advertisement or applying for a position with SCIS to Start Application Process click here.


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