Securitas Everyday Heroes

Meet an Everyday Hero

Every day across the U.S. approximately 100,000 Security Professionals , uniformed officers, supervisors, managers and support teams perform a variety of duties to help ensure a secure, productive and professional work environment for thousands of Securitas clients.

Security Officers today are a far cry from those of the past. In addition to the traditional duties of detecting, deterring and reporting Securitas employees are Receptionists, Concierges, Administrators, Arena/Stadium Ushers, Mobile Patrol and Shuttle Drivers, and so much more!

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Michael Kelley, Security Officer, Chicago, IL

"Securitas is different because of our unmatched presence and ongoing training which sets us apart from competitors."



Janet Theriault, Account Manager, Maine

"I have learned that achieving success with Securitas comes from working hard, being dedicated, making positive contributions, respecting co-workers,  furthering your knowledge with training and most importantly, striving to be the best employee you can possibly be."

Maria Ruiz, Security Officer, New York

"No two days are alike. There are challenges and rewards in helping people, in which I enjoy."



 David Vitt, Security Officer, Massachusettes

"To me, it is not about what it takes to be successful at Securitas, but rather how to do your job to the best ability you can."



John Williams, Security Officer, Hawaii

"Working for Securitas is different because the company cares about its employees, by reinforcing its core values of integrity, vigilance & helpfulness to its people."



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