Guards at critical infrastrucure site

Critical Infrastructure Services

Securitas USA Critical Infrastructure Services provides specialized protective services for owners and operators of nuclear power, nuclear fuel storage and energy facilities. Since 1968, Securitas USA and its predecessor companies have successfully developed an experienced and dedicated operational management team that is knowledgeable, adheres to the stringent federal regulatory environment, and keeps pace with its dynamic requirements. Using this expertise, we are able to provide both permanent security and augmentation services personnel along with the necessary administrative, managerial, operational and logistical support to the energy industry anywhere in the United States.

Critical Infrastructure operations provide for top to bottom management, and trained and oriented armed and unarmed security forces. They are responsible for all facets of managing and operating security forces at nuclear energy facilities including recruiting, hiring, training, labor relations, fitness for duty, and weapons qualifications in accordance with the Energy Services Security Program. This includes protecting energy facilities against sabotage of equipment, theft of materials, controlling site access, determining the extent of the threatening situations, assessing the extent of such threats, summoning reinforcements and exerting force to prevent or delay malicious acts.

How our employees contribute to the health and safety of the overall work site environment is of paramount importance to us.  Securitas USA maintains a dedicated Safety and Human Performance Manager whose primary responsibility is to assist employees in achieving favorable results through continual training and audits of these areas.

Our mission is to help protect owners, operators and managers of nuclear materials and other sensitive assets with tactically trained and armed security officers of the highest quality.

To help Securitas USA maintain the highest level of client service, we use
performance standards and practices that are objectively tested and measured.

Securitas USA Critical Infrastructure Services include:

• NRC compliant self-screening program
• Exercise preparation and readiness reviews
• Development of physical security assessments
• Comprehensive leadership development programs
• Contingency support and planning
• Nuclear industry specific Human Performance and Safety Programs

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