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Pinkerton Government Services

Pinkerton Government Services, Inc. (PGS) provides innovative, cost-effective solutions to help ensure the safety and security of the assets of the U.S. Government and government contractor organizations worldwide. PGS strives to help preserve national security and improve the protection of the personnel, programs, resources and facilities of its clients.

Some important differentiators that enhance PGS’ value are:

  • Specializing in security services to federal government agencies, with an emphasis on those requiring agency level security clearances (DOD, DOE, DOI, etc.)
  • Providing government regulated security services to eight of the top ten DOD civilian contractors
  • Developing and offering an industry leading Performance Management Program that goes beyond standard quality control programs
  • Offering a robust selection of training programs designed specifically with our clients in mind.  These programs range from Orientation through Management Training.  PGS reinforces and updates these programs, keeping security personnel and clients current with the latest information, techniques and technology.
  • Developing a successful process to expedite the approval of security clearances, e.g., designated Assistant Facility Security Officers (FSO) located in key geographic areas to facilitate a speedy clearance process, established e-Quip and JPAS process in all offices, and accurate and timely response for Visit Letters and NISP requirements

PGS’ experience and reputation as a provider of consistent, high quality security services has resulted in being a preferred provider of cleared security services across the country.  PGS offers a variety of services, including:

  • Armed and unarmed guard services
  • Fire protection and firefighting services
  • Emergency response
  • Patrol/alarm response services
  • Security console operations
  • International/domestic satellite launch security
  • Special access program support
  • Canine bomb detection
  • EMT/first responder
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