Enterprise Security Risks and Workforce Competencies

The ASIS Foundation and University of Phoenix published "Enterprise Security Risks and Workforce Competencies: Findings from an Industry Roundtable on Security Talent Development" at the 59th Annual ASIS Seminar in Chicago. Security industry executives and educational leaders addressed a projected security talent shortage by identifying the top security risks and workforce skills professionals will required in the next five years.

Key findings discussed included the competencies security professionals will require in training, education and certifications and where technology and business will be in 2025. 

Key insights were also shared during a seminar panel involving a number of the roundtable participants where panelists discussed how best to address the risks and talent deficits facing the $350 billion U.S. security industry. To help security leaders improve their talent development strategies, the panel discussed how the research reveals the key skills security professionals will need to demonstrate for career effectiveness.

ASIS and University of Phoenix continued this discussion with industry employers at the ASIS/(ISC)2 Career Pavilion with a panel discussion with executives from Securitas USA, other security organizations,  IT and executive placement experts.  ASIS Foundation and University of Phoenix continue collaboration with the launch of a new research survey focused on security risks and required workforce skills that will complement the roundtable report findings.

Information contained in the Securitas USA Top Security Threats publication was used for resource material in the report.

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