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As a leader in the security industry Securitas offers employees the opportunity to grow with the company and advance to other positions. We equip our employees with the tools, mentoring and training they need to develop as security officers and progress into more operational or senior security positions. Many people in our company started their careers as security officers.

Security Training Succession Plans

Securitas USA implements training succession plans for our security officers and supervisors.  Successful completion of each proprietary training course makes officers eligible for optional promotions and puts them on track for the next phase of training.

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Testimonial: Career Development

Deborah Mink 

Regional Manager, Labor Relations | Boston, MA

Career Corner


Jada Stanley joined the company in 1995 and is currently a Human Resources Manager in Mobile, Alabama. When asked how she began her career with Securitas USA, Jada Stanley replied, “My father worked for Pinkerton as a field supervisor in Mobile, AL and he referred me to the company.” She started as a security officer and held the positions of site supervisor and human resources specialist prior to her current position. “My training and previous positions have helped me to become an effective team member and more organized and knowledgeable about standard office practices and procedures,”explained Stanley when asked about her success. “I always give 100% and then some.”

She has remained in the security profession because she loves working with people and helping others. “My dream as a child was to become a teacher or lawyer. Working as a human resources manager allows me to continue that dream,” said Stanley. “My career with Securitas has helped me to analyze, advise, assist, recruit and participate in the daily interpretation of human resources policies, programs and procedures. Recruiting is a 24 hour job!