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Manufacturing Security | Michelin North America


Michelin North America, with more than 25 administrative offices, research facilities, training centers and plant operations sites, has a constant need for technology support of its security systems. Each location is equipped with CCTV cameras, security lights, access control and intrusion detection systems that require regular maintenance, repairs and new product integrations. Michelin’s third-party technology vendors did not have the geographic reach and capacity to efficiently accomplish that ongoing work. Delays in addressing technology issues, such as a malfunctioning alarm system, often required posting additional physical security at the location until a system was repaired.


  • A cost-effective solution that reduces delays in completing security technology installations and maintenance, where technology service requests are directed to a Securitas regional operations manager.
  • Kiosks that efficiently document non-employees arriving at the company’s headquarters. Facial recognition software verifies the identity of the visitor and an ID badge is printed. 


Security officers, who often are first to notice security system malfunctions, can notify the Securitas technicians directly to schedule needed repairs.

“In addition to the reduced response times, we benefit from the consistency that comes from technicians who know our systems and how they are integrated,” says Walter Chandley, Michelin’s Physical Security Manager, North America. “It lowers our costs and enhances both the electronic and physical security services at our locations.”

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