Work of the Board of Directors 2017

The Board held ten meetings in 2017, of which two were held per capsulam and two were held by phone. The auditors participated in the Board meeting that was held in conjunction with the yearly closing of the books, in February 2017, where they presented the audit.

For information on topics that have been discussed click here to refer to the illustration on page 28 of the Annual Report 2017

The Attendance of Each of the Board Members during 2017

  Board Audit Committee Remuneration  Committee
No of meetings 2017 10 4 2
Board of Directors      
Marie Ehrling 10   2
Carl Douglas 9   2
Alf Göransson (1) 10    
Ingrid Bonde (2) 6    
John Brandon (2) 6    
Anders Böös 10 4  
Fredrik Cappelen 8 4  
Sofia Schörling Högberg 10 3  
Dick Seger (2) 6    
Employee Representatives      
Susanne Bergman Israelsson (3) 8    
Åse Hjelm (3) 9    
Jan Prang (3) 10    

(1) As of March 1, 2018, Alf Göransson left his position as President, CEO, member of the Group Management and Board of Directors. He was replaced as President and CEO by Magnus Ahlqvist.
(2) Appointed member of the Board of Directors at the Annual General Meeting on May 3, 2017.
(3) Employee representatives, appointed member of Board of Directors at Annual General Meeting. Deputy Employee representative is Thomas Fanberg.

Audit Committee

The Board of Directors has established and appointed an Audit Committee, which operates under the instructions for the Audit Committee and meets with Securitas' auditors at least four times per year. The Committee supports the Board's quality-control work in terms of financial reports, and its internal control over financial reporting.

Specifically, the Committee monitors the financial reporting, the effectiveness of internal control, internal audit activities and the risk management system. The Committee also stays informed about annual statutory audits. It assesses the external auditor's independence and approves the performance of non-audit services.

The Committee presents its findings and proposals to the Board, prior to the Board's decision. For details regarding members and attendance, refer to the table above. The Committee met four times during 2017.

For information on major topics that have been discussed, click here to refer to the illustration on page 29 of the Annual Report 2017.

Remuneration Committee

The Board has formed a Remuneration Committee to prepare decisions related to salaries, bonuses, share-based incentive schemes and other forms of compensation for Group Management, as well as other management levels if the Board of Directors so decides. The Committee presents its proposals to the Board, for the Board's decision.

The Committee held two meetings during 2017. For details regarding members and attendance, refer to the table above.

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