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Bart Adam

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Born 1965. Bart Adam has over 25 years of security industry experience In 1988, he joined the Group of Securis in Belgium (AviaPartner). Following Securitas' acquisition of Securis in 1999, Bart became the Financial Manager for Securitas in Belgium in 2000. Two years later he was appointed Divisional Controller for Security Services Europe and in 2007 he became the division’s Chief Operating Officer. In 2008, Bart was appointed Divisional President, Security Services Europe. In January  2013,  he assumed the position Chief Financial Officer of Securitas.

Bart holds a Commercial Engineering degree from the University of Leuven, Belgium, Quantitative  Applied Economics and Information Technology.

As communicated in a press release, Bart remains in the CFO role until August 15, 2021 and will thereafter leave Group Management and will be replaced by Andreas Lindback. From August 16, 2021 Bart will continue to support as strategic advisor to the CEO until end of February 2022.

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