Digital transformation

Artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things are changing the product mix and offerings available within the industry.

Trend and market drivers

Technology is transforming the security service market by enabling more remote monitoring, intelligent services and even predictive security. In mature markets, systems integration is seeing particularly fast growth as the complexity of electronic security systems grows. Demand for value-added services and opportunities in the area of intelligent services is growing, fueled by continuous improvements in video monitoring technology. Smart home products are providing consumers with the ability to monitor their security systems via a smartphone or tablet, driving further growth in the security market.

Securitas' response

Securitas is expanding its electronic security capabilities as a response to a smarter, more digital society. We offer a complete range of security services, including electronic security, and are at the forefront of industry efforts to capture, analyze and respond to data that is gathered electronically. The Securitas Operation Centers have a central part in this work. We ensure that data that we process on behalf of our clients, or regarding our employees or others, is protected.

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