Sensitive infrastructure

Modern production processes are increas¬ingly multinational and sensitive to disruptions. Among other things, they are dependent on well-functioning infrastructure.

Trend and market drivers

There is a growing awareness within both the public and private sector of the need to secure sensitive infrastructure from various disruptions. Manufacturing industries, airports, data centers, ports and public transportation all rely on having a well-functioning infrastructure. Disruptions can result in high costs and increased vulnerability. Innovative and integrated security services and solutions are required to address these issues, along with specialized staff.

Securitas' response

At Securitas, we possess in-depth knowledge about specific client segments, such as public transportation, manufacturing or logistics. We have the expertise to create complex cross-border security solutions. Securitas has, for example, a strong aviation presence, providing advanced security services and solutions to airports and aviation companies around the world. In January 2019, we acquired Global Elite Group, a leading security services provider to the US aviation industry. This acquisition is in line with our strategy to expand in vertical markets.

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