07 November 2002 09:00

Securitas AB Interim Report January - September 2002

Sales increased by 15 percent to MSEK 49,891 (43,507)

Organic growth amounted to 12 percent (6)In the third quarter, organic growth was 10 percent (8)

The operating margin amounted to 6.6 percent (6.1)

Income before taxes rose by 48 percent to MSEK 1,783 (1,206)

Free cash flow amounted to MSEK 2,288 (1,346),
corresponding to 118 percent (85) of adjusted income

The return on capital employed amounted to 19 percent(14)

Earnings per share after full taxes rose by 40 percent to SEK 2.93 (2.09)
The full Interim Report including tables is available to download from the enclosed link.

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