“Securitas’ leaders and employees have demonstrated tremendous strength in maintaining business continuity – swiftly mobilizing resources to meet critical client demands. We are working relentlessly to adapt our way of working to minimize the risk of spreading the virus and to secure protective equipment.” Quote from our CEO, Magnus Ahlqvist

Officer using thermo imaging for access control

Since Covid-19 hit the world, we have deployed extra services for our clientsOur Purpose to help make your world a safer place is what we do more than ever. Specific preventive measures have been set up to protect our security officers who have adapted to new working instructions, best practices and procedures in this pandemic environment. Our clients have been affected less or more severely depending on the type of industry and the operations. We have deployed tailored solutions for each and special training for our security officers. 

Lockdown and post lockdown examples of safety and security solutions in use at our clients and for our own employees: 

  • Thermal cameras  
  • Risk detection human temperature 
  • Facial recognition with fever detection 
  • Multi-temperature monitoring solutions 
  • Precaution instruction terminal 
  • People counting devices 
  • Warning app for social distancing 
  • No touch Access Control 
  • Re-entry guides 
  • Advice on safety measures 

See your Securitas country website for the locally developed solutions.

Covid-19 solutions: Industrial Environment

Covid-19 solutions: Office Environment

Covid-19 solutions: Retail Environment

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