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Editorial about how cameras can constrain crime

Friday, March 3, 2017

In an editorial with the title “This is how cameras can constrain crime”, published in the Swedish financial newspaper Dagens Industri on March 2, Alf Göransson, President and CEO of Securitas, and Martin Gren, Founder of Axis Communications, explain how increased investments in advanced security technology, such as intelligent cameras, could help the Swedish police to solve more crimes.

Göransson and Gren argue that the development of society requires new methods to fight crime and increase security; "Combined with having the courage to question traditional norms, we believe that the use of more advanced technology is one such solution". In the editorial they present a number of successful examples of how technology is used to prevent crimes in other countries.

Furthermore, they state that an increased use of intelligent cameras will have a deterrent effect since it would allow the police to solve more crimes and prosecute more perpetrators. The current legislation in Sweden regarding the use of cameras is obstructing the security of society. One common argument against having more cameras is that it would be an infringement of personal integrity. Claim Göransson and Gren: "However, it is not the camera itself that represents an infringement of personal integrity but rather how the photos are used. Using advanced technology to track committed crimes is entirely different from surveillance".

Göransson and Gren conclude that an increased cooperation between the police and the private security industry would help the police in a number of areas; by using advanced technology, crime could be drastically reduced and help making Sweden more secure.

The editorial is available in Swedish at by using the following link