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Coordinating Security through the Securitas Operation Center

Construction sites, often remote and containing expensive equipment and material, are common targets for thefts. To prevent intrusions, a customer site in Montevideo, Uruguay, has been equipped with heat- and motion-sensitive night-vision cameras and sophisticated analytical software.

Security operator see live feed

At 3:26 a.m., the perimeter alarm is activated. In the Securitas Operation Center, the security operator can see a live feed of two people moving towards the fence that surrounds the construction site. Looking at her screen, the operator uses the vehicle's GPS system to determine whether there is a mobile patrol nearby. She alerts them, and the patrol is now on its way.

Guiding the mobile patrol

Thinking they have enough time to break into the site, the perpetrators start cutting the fence. In the Securitas Operation Center, the operator can see on her screen what they are about to do and uses the information to guide the mobile patrol while at the same time calling the police. A few minutes later, the perpetrators are apprehended by the mobile patrol, who wait until the police arrive.

Providing better security

The security solution at the site, combining cameras, sophisticated software, state-of-the art technology in the Securitas Operation Center and trained on-site and remote security officers, provides the customer with better security at the same price as having manned guarding on-site around the clock.

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