Securitas security guard Chicago

Our Security Officers are Trained in Firefighting

At Securitas’ monitoring center in Illinois in the US, the security officer on duty receives an alarm from a customer site, indicating a fire in a storage area in a factory. Immediately, the on-site security officers are alerted, as well as the local fire brigade.

Security officers put out the fire

Securitas' security officers put out the fire before any serious damage is done and when the fire brigade arrives, they inspect the site together.

Fire alarm system and officers trained in firefighting

Due to the hazardous materials being stored in the factory and the costs for a potential business disruption, the security solution that Securitas has developed together with the customer includes an advanced fire alarm system and on-site security officers trained in firefighting. With the right expertise and resources, Securitas is able to create a tailor-made solution and provide specially trained security officers.

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