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The Future of Aviation Security

A continuous solid growth is expected over the next 20 years, fueled by economic growth, a rising middle class in emerging economies and a steady growth in e-commerce. In addition, increased geopolitical and terrorist threats demand for new and different security requirements.

Along with this growth, we see an airport experience ready for transformation. Things to improve include frustrations from queuing in lines, having to keep track of important travel documents or luggage, slow and ineffective processes, as well as the general security of the airport. These are key areas to address to create a holistic experience for the future traveler.

Powered by security

In the airport of the future, similar to other industries, technological developments will have a dramatic impact on the security industry. New screening technologies, analytics, automation, robotics and the internet of things can be incorporated in security applications. Imagine a trip with remote check-in, seamless security screening and onboarding process without any paperwork hassle. Just enjoy the amenities and services of a modern airport!

Automated security lanes

International studies indicate that the most critical areas in the whole passenger journey, where the passenger shows the most stress, are security screening checkpoints. In this respect it is crucial to create an efficient and customer friendly atmosphere whilst a thorough security screening can take place in a safe environment.

Securitas Aviation – together with an external partner - recently installed smart automated lanes at Zagreb International Airport in Croatia. The concept is based on smart approaches: parallel divest stations and centralized image processing. Parallel divest stations allow multiple passengers to prepare at the same time. The configuration of the divest stations allows quicker passengers to overtake slower passengers, thus easing bottlenecks and improving throughput of people and luggage. Moreover, the system improves passenger experience by allowing everyone to divest at their own pace.

Security effectiveness

Centralized Image Processing (CIP) allows X-ray machines to be networked, while X-ray operators analyze images in a centralized location away from the lane and away from the distractions on the busy checkpoint area, which improves their working conditions, productivity and security effectiveness.

CIP moreover allows for an increased efficiency and flexibility in resourcing by removing the one-on-one ratio between X-ray machine and X-ray operator. Thanks to the centralization of images, one X-ray operator can analyze images coming from multiple lanes during down-time and multiple X-ray operators can analyze images coming from single lanes during peak-time. Along with this installation, an integrated data collection system and a real-time dashboard allow for improved monitoring capabilities.

Whilst these new screening technologies, such as CIP, are increasingly being implemented within the aviation industry, it is not the technology alone that will suffice to meet the highest standards of secure and efficient air travel.

No matter how advanced screening technologies become, the human factor will always remain an important aspect. With the introduction of CIP, X-ray operators will be confronted with new ways of working and will have to be self-confident whilst analyzing X-ray images at a location away from the checkpoint. Securitas Aviation therefore invests greatly in investigating and implementing the best ways to train and deploy CIP X-ray operators on the field.

Imagine the future of aviation

When you think about the future of your airport, security plays an integral role.
Even more, security goes from intrusive to invisible. It is about looking at the experience from the customer perspective, removing unnecessary steps without reducing security levels, but it is also the best way for security to add value to the travel experience.

With this in mind Securitas Aviation is offering adjacent service to passengers, guests and employees located on airport sites. Q-management, boarding, escort of unaccompanied minors, pick-up and check-in from office, are just some examples of services where Securitas Aviation employees apply their security know-how with a hospitality approach to improve the overall passenger experience!

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