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Increasing Customer Security

From a customer perspective, a higher degree of prevention means predictability for businesses. With fewer disruptions, day-to-day operations are improved, costs are saved, and the working environment of our customers’ employees becomes safer and more secure.

Here are some examples of how Securitas meets the customers' demands:

  • Fewer interruptions: Real-time monitoring of customer sites enables immediate detection and swift action, managing interruptions to sensitive operations, such as infrastructure and power supply.
  • Increased value for money: Intelligent security solutions utilizing real-time reports and preventive actions provide a trong foundation for efficient security, where the monthly fees are foreseeable over the customer contract period.
  • Added value from multipurpose use: Smart surveillance cameras can be used in different ways. One example is head counting in cashier environments, where cameras automatically call for more personnel when lines are growing, creating a better shopping experience.
  • Single point of contact: Securitas Operation Centers not only provide customers with round-the-clock availability, but also a dedicated contact person responsible for managing security solutions and customer queries.
  • Detection and prevention: Night vision cameras and precise motion sensors enable Securitas' security officers to detect crimes before they actually occur, thereby preventing theft or property damage.

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