Global trends impacting security

The development of the security market is driven by global trends, and Securitas has identified five trends in particular that are currently impacting our business and the direction of our strategy.

Societal tensions

A heightened awareness of threats and crime and a rise of geopolitical and societal tensions leading to security breaches and more non-conventional crimes, such as terrorism, contribute to a high perception of crime.

Market drivers

The perception that crime rates and threats to society, including terrorism, are increasing drives the demand for security solutions. Authorities are facing new and more complex threats and budget restraints, which increases the out¬sourcing of some services to the private security industry.

Securitas' response

Securitas can offer support in a number of areas traditionally handled by the public sector, for example by providing on-site guarding to public areas and at events where a great deal of manpower is required. We can also offer professional risk analysis and risk management services.


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