Forces that Drive Demand for Security Services

As the global development pace accelerates, the security industry needs to adapt changing patterns, for example through increased use of electronic security.

The most significant forces that drive demand for security services are:

  • Technology development: As better infrastructure continues to improve connectivity between hardware, software, and people, technology continues to create growth opportunities throughout the security industry.
  • Global urbanization: Increased population density, widening socio-economic inequalities and rising crime rates are drivers affecting demand developments.
  • Dependencies on stable operations: As more sectors and areas of operations grow increasingly sensitive to disturbances, demand for efficient security solutions is expected to remain high.
  • Growing middle-class: Rising levels of economic activity and prosperity in developing regions are resulting in more assets to secure, in combination with concerns about crime and insufficient public safety services.
  • Infrastructure development: As demand for transportation, energy and communication systems increase around the world, demand for qualified security services and solutions rises.
  • Heightened levels of tension across the globe: Social and political unrest, natural disasters and political instability in certain regions amplifies the need for flexible and efficient security.

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