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Municipal solution in Denmark Lowers Insurance Premiums

Fewer expenses per burglaries, reduced vandalism, increased security and a substantial reduction in insurance premiums due to fewer claims – these are the effects of the security system created by Securitas Denmark A/S for the Municipality of Faaborg-Midtfyn in Denmark.

"We shall maintain security for our residents, personnel and operations in the Municipality of Faaborg-Midtfyn," says mayor Bo Andersen. "By investing in precautionary and preventive measures, we assure security in the municipality and the continued attractiveness of Faaborg-Midtfyn."

Precautionary and preventive security

Securitas Denmark A/S has handled security on behalf of the municipality since 2002 and now has several security vehicles linked to the system. Security guards patrol the municipality during the evening and night hours, and their mere presence throughout the area has had a good preventive effect. As a part of the security they provide for the municipality, Securitas Denmark A/S makes the rounds of several facilities in the municipality to ensure that doors and windows are closed and locked, and that lights are turned off. The rounds also include the city hall, the schools and other municipal premises.

"We cannot, however, completely eliminate uninvited 'guests'. Due to this, we maintain a high state of readiness with an average response time of about two minutes. Response time is crucial with respect to the extent of damage a thief has time to inflict," explains Lennart Jørgensen, risk coordinator for the Municipality of Faaborg-Midtfyn.

Professional security resources

The severity and brutality of criminality has escalated over the past 10 to 15 years and the risk profile has changed significantly.

"This is something that we shall not subject our personnel to; here we use professional security guards. I'm very pleased that we are able to dispatch trained security guards. They know how to conduct themselves and how to deal with a given situation," says Bo Andersen.

Flexible structure

"It is essential for us that our structure is very flexible, so that we can change and adapt our activities on short notice. At the same time, troublemakers never know where we are focusing our efforts. This provides us with optimal security and optimal utilization of resources. For us, it is undoubtedly the close collaboration, the guards' local knowledge and the flexibility of the system that make the difference," says Lennart Jørgensen in closing.

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