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Security-trained Receptionists in Denmark

Behind the reception desk at one of Ørestad’s most prominent office buildings stand a number of security receptionists. In addition to the usual reception duties and services, they also monitor security at the office building. The joint role ensures security and cut costs at the same time.

On Arne Jakobsens Allé, a street in Copenhagen's Ørestad district, stands two office buildings belonging to KLP Ejendomme. To ensure the security of the 1,500 employees in the building and cut overheads, responsibility for the reception service was handed over to Securitas in 2004. Today uniformed security receptionists man the building's two shared reception desks. This gives KLP Ejendomme a combined security receptionist and guard solution.

"The presence of security-trained receptionists makes the employees feel safe, which is a crucial requirement, both for us and for other companies that rent office space in the building. The security receptionists send a strong signal to future tenants that KLP Ejendomme puts a high priority on security," Stig Fermi-Erichsen, Head of Marketing and Property at KLP Ejendomme, says.

The security receptionists focus on the security of the building and keep an eye on things like whether a fire door is blocked. They provide first aid in case of injuries, form part of evacuation teams and much more. In addition, they are KLP's face to outside world and perform general receptionist tasks such as booking meeting rooms, handing out access control cards and providing help on how to use technical equipment in the meeting rooms, as well as franking and sorting of mail.

Security guard and video surveillance

When the receptions close Securitas' security guard replaces the security receptionists, keeping watch outside normal working hours. The building also has alarms on doors and windows, and all common areas are monitored by CCTV 24 hours a day from Securitas' security centre. The security centre is in constant contact with the guards, who patrol the area in cars. This ensures that Securitas is on the spot shortly after an injury or attempted break-in has occurred.

"Our partnership with Securitas ensures a professional security arrangement and stable staffing. If a receptionist is ill Dansikring will send backup staff. The three red dots on the uniforms make our employees feel safe, especially our foreign employees. This is because they recognize the dots from Securitas, which is recognized throughout Europe," Stig Fermi-Erichsen.

KLP and Securitas have been working together since the first turf was cut on the building plot back in 2002. Since then the partnership has branched out into a growing number of areas, and today Dansikring is a regular advisor to KLP on security issues.

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