Securitas awards k1 champions

| 23 December 2010

Wednesday evening on December 23, withinin the Oxygen Club from Sun Plaza,Securitas together with Eduard Irimia awarded the best fighters of Lokal Kombat of this year.

Among the guests invited for this event, there were present important names of Romanian profile sport fighters like : Daniel Ghita, Sebastian Ciobanu, Catalin Morosanu, Raul Catinas, Mihai Barbu, Ionut Iftimoaie, Ciprin Sora and Ionut Atodiresei.

Securitas awarded Mihai Barbu - K1 Budapesta finalist and Sebastian Ciobanu the k1 finalist of World Grand Prix 2010.

The k1 fighter of the year 2010 was designated Daniel Ghita who qualified in the grand final in Japan. The popularity award was won by Catalin Morosanu.

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