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Critical infrastructure

Our clients in the energy vertical include nuclear power plants, electricity suppliers, wind and hydroelectric power stations, and oil and gas companies. They all have high risk factors and need advanced security solutions that prevent and hinder intrusions, damage to and sabotage of facilities with critical assets.

Any attempts at intrusion or sabotage are quickly detected and verified, which leads to rapid actions. With its large and extensive organization, Securitas can quickly cover needs that arise for additional security and guarding.  

Security cameras are used for camera patrols to keep vulnerable parts of the facility under supervision and are supplemented with patrolling guards, with or without dogs, which have a preventive effect, for example, by checking for signs of preparation for intrusion or malicious damage.  

At a power conversion site in France, the client delivers electricity to end users and this function needs to be ensured free from interruption of any kind. 

Specific security needs 

Already when constructing its buildings, the client expressed its need to protect its investment, which implied protecting the integrity of the buildings. 

With a combined security solution, Securitas secured the whole length of the fence around the site and the 450 employees and engineers working on the client’s site. 

Security solution 

The proposed security solution is composed of an anti-intrusion system with access control for all visitors and for all truck arrivals and departures. In addition, thermal screening cameras detect all attempts to break through the fence and PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) cameras cover strategic areasVideo surveillance equipment allows the officer on site to monitor all security equipment as well as all comings and goings. 

Securing a large construction area  

During the planning of a major modernization of the railway infrastructure, it was discovered that the location of two large gas pipelines interfered with the planned modernization project. This challenge had to be solved before proceeding with the project. The national gas company was contacted and asked to redirect the existing gas pipelines to solve the hurdles in the project plan.  

A mobile video solution with embedded video analytics and remote connection to the SOC was deployed, and served as the heat accumulation, area and perimeter detector. If any abnormalities were detected, the SOC operator would instantaneously handle the alarm and deploy the necessary response forces, ranging from police, fire and guard dispatches to on-site public announcements using the SOC-connected horn speakers on site.  

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