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Securitas operations centers

All our services and solutions are expertly managed and controlled in our Securitas operation centers (SOCs). These operations centers are where advanced technology meets skilled personnel, leveraging proven processes and strict protocols to deliver the best customer security and service.

When an incident arises, data is sent straight to the SOC for immediate attention. A single point of contact and a high density of security officers makes sure the right action is taken  fast. The SOCs are also where all our analytics, analysis and reporting takes place. 

Proactive security 

Using the information that is gathered and handled in our Securitas operation centers allows us to provide our clients with new and improved security solutions. Above all, we can be proactive in our security work, rather than just react to events as they occur. 

Specialized operators 

At the Securitas operation centers, specialized operators manage the different components of the protective security solution. The operators are experts in quickly addressing any problems and solving them according to each client’s requests. 

Cost-efficient security solutions 

Our comprehensive security solution improves cost efficiency for the client. We combine our knowledge of the client’s security needs with data and intelligence to optimize the mix of on-site, mobile, and remote guarding. 

Routines and tools for reporting 

The quality and speed of the information delivered to the client is enhanced due to Securitas routines and tools for reporting. Processes are continuously fine-tuned and improved based on information and various reports from the system. 

Response/Call-out services 

We provide response/call-out services, whereby alarm response officers respond to diverse types of disruptions and emergencies. 

When an alarm of some kind is triggered at a client’s premises, one of our alarm-response officers – often from a special call-out division – responds and acts according to predetermined instructions at the location. This usually involves checking the exterior and interior of the client’s building or facility. 

In constant contact with the alarm monitoring center 

The officer is in constant contact with the alarm monitoring center and, if necessary, can alert the police or fire department. If required, the officer will contact on-call personnel, such as a plumber in the case of a water leak. Other call-out services might be of a medical nature. If a person is injured at work, until an ambulance or medical assistance arrives, a security officer can provide basic first aid or help with transportation.

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