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Data centers

Data centers have stringent safety and security requirements related to the protection of their assets and their reputation, to the execution of policies and procedures, and to regulatory compliance. To achieve the right level of security, we help our data center clients identify the internal and external threats.

The incidence probability of risks such as data loss, interruption of cooling, water leakage or power outage are analyzed and, based on this analysis, the client can then make the right choices and a balanced investment in security technology and on-site or remote guarding. 

Technology, people and knowledge comprise three service layers in a data center. Here are some examples of security services 

  • Technology: 

Access control including biometrics, video surveillance coverage, remote entry and remote perimeter control 

  • People: 

Strategic key account management, visitor management, fire and safety with first response team 

  • Knowledge: 

Risk assessment, cyber-secured remote services, redundant design topology and redundant operation centersand real-time remote visibility into the data center environment. 

Hyperscale data center and mega campus  

The data center was built with redundant infrastructure to serve the European data center market. The site covers several square kilometers and has several buildings organized in different zones. The whole site needs to be secured with own security options in each building.    

Customized security concept  

Firstly, Securitas conducted a Risk Assessment and then, using its findings as a basis, a concept was developed together with the client combining all the required security services. Best practices and flawless instructions were prepared for each of the services. The equipment and installation consist of more than 250 thermal and standard cameras, access control and alarm installations. A video and visitors management system connects all the buildings and an app allows management of time-limited access from any location. At an early stage, remote perimeter control was foreseen as necessary to secure the construction works. To protect against internal threats, employees are screened as they enter and leave the building, and only have access to the parts of the center they need to enter.  

Extra services along the way 

Car and parking management, including license plate verification, was another essential component as the site was not reachable with public transportation. Mobile guarding was deployed to conduct random security checks and to follow up alarms during the night. 

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