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2024 Purpose Award winner advances sustainability in Ireland

David Cullen of Securitas Ireland won the 2024 Purpose Award by driving sustainability initiatives and setting an inspiring example for others.

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Every day, our colleagues work with pride and embody our values and purpose to help make your world a safer place. To celebrate their commitment and contributions, we host the annual Securitas Purpose Awards, recognizing those who go the extra mile. This year, we’re proud to announce David Cullen, protective services operations manager at Securitas Ireland, as the recipient of the 2024 Purpose Award for his exceptional dedication and strategic leadership in driving sustainability efforts within the organization.

“David’s work is pivotal to Securitas because he embodies the essence of our purpose – to make the world a safer place – through sustainability,” says Securitas Ireland Country President Ray Hoare. “His unwavering commitment to environmental responsibility is helping Securitas Ireland reach the forefront of sustainable business practices. By seamlessly integrating sustainability into our core values, David has demonstrated how crucial individual contributions are to our collective purpose.”


At Securitas, sustainability is integral to our business strategy – not a separate agenda – and we believe it plays an important role in creating a safer world. Environmental stewardship, a key focus area, is deeply woven into our purpose, and David’s efforts help to further support this journey.

Engaging clients in the sustainability journey

David's initiative to establish a cross-functional sustainability team has been a catalyst for innovation within Securitas Ireland. By bringing together diverse perspectives from marketing, risk management, and HR (or the People function, as we call it at Securitas), the team has fostered a culture of collaboration and creativity, essential for driving our strategy forward.
Another outstanding achievement has been the creation and presentation of a compelling narrative that reflects Securitas Ireland’s commitment to sustainability and its responsiveness to emerging challenges. Drawing from the broader European sustainability strategy, David adapted it to focus on local initiatives, such as collaborating with likeminded Irish organizations.

Guided by our client-centric approach, David has taken proactive steps to not only showcase our sustainable actions, but also to involve our clients in these efforts. This narrative has been shared with clients to support their sustainability journeys, reinforcing the collaborative nature and approach to corporate responsibility.

Strategic partnership with Cloudforests

One of the pillars of David’s sustainability narrative was to partner with organizations that were aligned with our own environmental goals. This led to a unique partnership with Cloudforests , an organization dedicated to creating thriving forests along Ireland's picturesque Wild Atlantic Way. The partnership focuses on an active support from Securitas Ireland to plant native tree species to enhance biodiversity and restore the region's natural habitats.


For David, having this partnership aligns perfectly with Securitas' commitment to environmental sustainability, biodiversity conservation, and community engagement.

"It's not just about conducting operations with minimal environmental impact. It's about maximizing our positive footprint on the planet, our communities, and above all, our people,” he says. “Our partnership with Cloudforests creates a lasting legacy of environmental stewardship. Through tangible actions like planting over 1,500 trees and engaging in community initiatives, we ‘walk the talk’ and inspire our clients and communities to join us in this important effort."

Living our purpose for a more sustainable future

David’s strategic vision and ability to effectively communicate and engage with both employees and clients contributes to our overall goal of advancing a more sustainable future. By acting, initiating dialog, and keeping our purpose and values in mind, David has made a truly positive impact within our organization.

His leadership and dedication make him the deserving winner of the 2024 Securitas Purpose Award, setting an inspiring example to all of our colleagues.

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