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Risk intelligence helps prevent potential losses for client

Timely risk intelligence and swift action saves a UK-based manufacturing company from potential loss, disruption, and supply chain impacts.

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Securitas’ analysts were assembling a risk intelligence report when a particular threat caught their attention. This discovery set in motion a sequence of events that would demonstrate to one of our clients the power of a proactive program built on intelligence-led security.

Risk intelligence reveals an imminent threat

Rewind to 2022 when our Risk Intelligence Center (RIC) was pulling together a routine report that provides enhanced situational awareness of global events.

The report – available to organizations that subscribe to RIC risk awareness services – documented a looming threat to one of our guarding clients, a multinational manufacturing company with a global supply chain. The client was set to become a target of protests intended to disrupt processing and distribution centers and stop the supply of perishable goods. The threat posed potential international operational, compliance, and brand implications.

It's important to note that protesting is a fundamental legal and human right in most countries, and that protests, alone, aren't necessarily cause for concern. The threat stems from the protest action, such as criminal damage, harassment, etc. These disruptive actions pose risks to businesses, ranging from endangering staff well-being to causing property damage to operational disruptions – and these were the types of risks that were flagged in the RIC’s intelligence report.

Though the client was not yet receiving our risk intelligence services, we recognized the potential impact and took action right away to support them. Our RIC analysts reached out to the account team, urging them to take proactive action to safeguard the client's operations. The client invited RIC analysts to join a call to explain the findings within the risk intelligence report – where the threat originated, its nature, and the potential consequences.

Preventing losses: A swift response to safeguard assets

The company’s security manager revealed that they had fallen victim to a similar incident two months prior, incurring losses amounting to £1.2 million as a result of supply chain disruptions. Recognizing the gravity of the situation, the client escalated the matter to the company’s operations, legal, brand, and communications teams.

Equipped with the RIC’s intelligence, they initiated a comprehensive response, including making their customers and suppliers aware of the scenario, increasing their security and resilience measures based on the specifics of the threat, and engaging a specialist third-party legal representative, who presented their findings to the High Court in London.

The court asked for concrete evidence of the anticipated disruptive actions. In response, the client presented the RIC’s intelligence report, which included a comprehensive assessment of the looming threat. After reviewing the report, the High Court issued an injunction, preventing any trespassing by members of the protest group on the client’s property.

Although risk intelligence can’t prevent an incident like this from happening, it can help businesses mitigate against threats and their potential risks. In this case, the client increased their security levels on the key dates identified by the RIC, further augmented by dynamic mobile patrols. With heightened preparedness, enhanced security, and an injunction in place, our client felt assured that they had the proper protections.

This not only helped the customer minimize financial and compliance impacts, but also safeguarded their brand and reputation.

The power of a proactive security approach

This incident solidified the importance of utilizing intelligence to conduct baseline threat assessments and ongoing risk monitoring. In fact, the client subscribed to RIC services for continuous threat monitoring, which also helped them identify other incidents, including potential insider threats and brand and reputation threats.

With protests on the rise globally, businesses need a vigilant eye on their threat profile. Continuous monitoring, reporting, and real-time insights help enhance peace of mind by better preparing individuals and organizations to face whatever challenges lie ahead.

No matter the size, vertical, or sector, all organizations can benefit from risk intelligence. A proactive approach backed by risk intelligence is critical for staying ahead of emerging threats and safeguarding against potential disruptions. By investing in risk intelligence, businesses can arm themselves with the insights they need to anticipate, mitigate, and respond effectively to security risks.

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