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The heart of Securitas: Unity through culture

With 341,000 colleagues, how can Securitas create a unified culture that spans its global footprint? Carin Andersson and Marie-Louise Howett share their insights.

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The heart of Securitas is undeniably its dedicated workforce – colleagues who take immense pride in being part of a company and a brand that steadfastly adheres to its purpose and values.

These core values – integrity, vigilance, and helpfulness – have been integral to Securitas’ culture since the 1950s, when they were formally established. Together with the purpose to help make your world a safer place, these values serve as a North Star, guiding Securitas in every aspect of its operations.

The challenge, however, lies in maintaining this unity across the vast footprint of a global company. There are colleagues who seldom, if ever, meet their fellow Securitas peers, working at remote locations that can make them feel detached from the broader organization. How can Securitas ensure its culture becomes integral to their roles, even when they are physically distant?

The building blocks: Communication and training

It’s an enormous undertaking, but there are some key principles that help. Company culture must be actively reinforced through 1) communication practices and 2) training and resources. Two experts in these areas, VP of Group Communications Carin Andersson and VP of People and Culture Marie-Louise Howett, shed light on how Securitas strives to create a unified culture that spans its global footprint.

“Effective communication enables us to define our tone and personality, convey our values, share our vision, and foster a sense of belonging among our diverse workforce,” Carin says. “We strive to ensure that every employee is aligned with our organizational goals and empowered to contribute to our collective success.”

One of the tools that helps facilitate effective communication and cultural alignment at Securitas is its Toolbox. The Securitas Toolbox is a comprehensive management tool that helps foster a shared understanding of Securitas’ values and purpose among its people.

“By providing access to essential resources and training materials, the Toolbox equips our workforce with the knowledge and skills needed to embody our culture in their daily interactions,” Marie-Louise says.

Leadership is a catalyst of cultural transformation

Creating a unifying corporate culture also hinges on effective leadership. Securitas leaders serve as the torchbearers of our culture, leading by example and inspiring others through their unwavering dedication to our shared purpose.

“In Securitas, there is no single tool for internal communications. Instead, we rely on our leaders to carry our culture throughout the organization,” Carin says. “It's a substantial responsibility to shoulder, but by embodying the culture themselves, it becomes an organic part of their daily responsibilities.”

They lead by example, demonstrating integrity, vigilance, and helpfulness in their actions and decisions, aiming to create an environment where every employee feels empowered to contribute their best. This helps cultivate a culture of trust, accountability, and empowerment that permeates every facet of Securitas’ operations.

“Ultimately, effective leadership is about inspiring and empowering people to reach their full potential,” Marie-Louise says. “By embracing their role as champions of our culture, our leaders play a crucial role in driving cultural transformation and building a unified culture across our global organization.”

The power of collective responsibility

Effective communication, proper resources and training, and exemplary leadership certainly help build a unified culture, but it is our collective responsibility to ensure it thrives.

“Our culture thrives when every person feels empowered and engaged,” Carin says. “That’s no small feat, but there are a few key principles that can help. And when our teams thrive, our client relationships flourish.”

That’s because a thriving culture creates a positive ripple effect that extends from our people to our clients, resulting in strengthened partnerships and overall success. In this way, culture is the heartbeat of our organization and flows through every interaction, creating a positive environment that sets Securitas up for success.

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