Guards at critical infrastrucure site

Securitas Critical Infrastructure Services

As one of the largest providers of specialized security, fire and emergency response services in the U.S., Securitas Critical Infrastructure Services, Inc. (SCIS) meets federal government security requirements in the aerospace/defense, energy, and petrochemical industries.

With over 12,000 security and fire personnel, SCIS maintains corporate level national agreements with some of the largest aerospace/defense, energy, and petrochemical companies, and directly contracts with the Federal government. SCIS operates under a proxy agreement with the U.S. Government and has been approved by the Defense Security Service (DSS), Department of Energy (DOE), and all other government agencies to retain security clearances and operate contracts requiring security clearances.

Federal Government Services Division

Paragon Systems Inc. is the division dedicated to directly supporting the Federal government.  With over 6,000 employees deployed at U.S. Government facilities from Maine to California and Guam, its staff of professional security officers are highly vetted, trained and supervised.  These officers possess clearances from a suitability assessment to the highest levels of trust available in order to complete their security tasks for federal agencies such as DHS, DoD, DoJ, DoT, NASA, and USDA.

Aerospace/Defense Services Division

The Aerospace/Defense Services Division is uniquely positioned to provide world class uniformed security services for the aerospace/defense industry. SCIS is an industry leader in securing highly sensitive controlled facilities on a national, regional and local basis. Having been selected as the national security provider for many of the top Department of Defense, aerospace and intelligence contractors in the U.S., SCIS is qualified to provide “cleared protective services” to classified facilities.

SCIS leads the industry by providing specialized security solutions such as: lock and key services; canine bomb detection; security console operations; project management; facility assessments; government compliance; and, satellite launch support

Energy Services Division

SCIS Energy Services Division provides specialized protective services for owners and operators of nuclear power, nuclear fuel storage and energy facilities. Since 1968, SCIS and its predecessor companies have successfully developed an experienced management team that is knowledgeable and adheres to the stringent federal regulatory environment to keep pace with its dynamic requirements. Using this expertise, we are able to provide both armed and unarmed permanent security and augmentation services personnel along with the necessary administrative, managerial, operational and logistical support to the energy industry anywhere in the U.S.

Petrochemical Services Division

The SCIS Petrochemical Services Division provides security services to the oil, natural gas (ONG) and chemical industries. With over 2,600 specially trained Security Officers and industry experts, SCIS works with our clients to provide the personnel and technological resources required to accomplish security’s evolving missions. As a global leader in security, SCIS has the resources to meet the needs of our clients during turnarounds, natural disasters and other business. Together with environmental, health and safety regulations, security is becoming a major regulatory area and, in the ONG and chemical sectors, regulatory compliance is critical.

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