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See a different world

Our extensive security experience gives us a unique perspective to see a different world – a safer world, filled with opportunity and progress. Today, we proudly stand guard to protect what really matters, the safety and welfare of people and property all over the world, because we’re determined to make it a safer place.

Get exclusive insights on industry, technology, and business trends

Explore stories that highlight what's new in the industry, how we're innovating to solve complex business challenges, and what it's like to be part of Securitas.

Our podcast "Connecting the Dots"

Find out why secure businesses, communities, and people are the ones who contribute to the world in a meaningful way. "Connecting the Dots", the official Securitas podcast, is made of inspiring discussions with tech pioneers, social activists, and others who help us see what really matters through insights on innovation, sustainability, and community advocacy.

We are all about our people

And we believe in doing the right thing and doing it well. At Securitas, our people are the most important. They come from all walks of life and bring with them a multitude of talents and perspectives. We aim for diverse representation throughout the company, and we stay committed to equal pay, safe working conditions, gender balance and an inclusive work environment.

We are focusing on sustainability

We are one of the few security companies globally that can take on the security challenges of today's world in a sustainable way. Sustainability is integrated into our daily work, and we lead by example and aim to always act responsibly.

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Securitas. See a different world

To everyone who sees the worst we say, look closer. Open your eyes to all that’s good. 80 years of keeping people safe has sharpened our eyes to see more than most. And when we’re protecting people, premises and property, our experience helps us spot what others miss. Potential. Positivity. Progress. That’s what we protect today. And it’s how we protect tomorrow. Because we see what really matters. We see who we really help. We see how life can be when the world feels secure.

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